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Winter Solstice Celebration

The sun has been a blessing during this difficult year. On December 21, join me and my family to salute our closest Star as we are entering Winter.

There's a tradition I love in the yoga community: honoring the change of season by performing 108 sun salutations.

Why 108? Because The distance of Earth from the Sun is about 108 times the diameter of the Sun, and the distance between the Earth and the Moon is also about 108 times the diameter of the Moon.
There's something magical about it...
108 sun salutations is quite a marathon.
Let's go through 27 rounds together. It will be cleansing, meditative and fun!
Everyone is welcome! I will lead every sun salutation modification needed: Kids sun salutation, pregnancy sun salutation, Advanced sun salutation, sun salutation for wrist injury,...
This a family event for everyone. My kids, babies and I will demonstrate and go through the entire process with you. Even my husband might join! We will talk about the solstice and engage your kids to focus on performing 27 rounds.
Let's close this season on a high note, and recharge for the next one.